18 Fashion Tips You Need To Know

There are so many fashion tips which a number of people are not aware of yet. These tips are there to make your life easy. These fashion tips not only save your time and money but make your life smooth. We are here to tell you 18 fashion tips that you would love to know:

  1. To get DIY embellishments on collars of shirts or to get instant evening shoe, snap clip-on earrings.
  2. A pumice stone is best way to de-fuzz a sweater
  3. If you want to prevent new wrinkles to develop on shirts then avoid putting any garment instantly after pressing (ironing). 5 minutes are enough to let it be ready.
  4. It is advised not to use fake designer bags (people will spot it immediately) but if you use faux stones, nobody can spot it.
  5. Avoid using whole grains and dairy before going to any big event.
  6. Swimwear can lose its elasticity and can be damaged if one puts it in washing machine. Lingerie washing bags are best for this purpose if they are washed on gentle cycles.
  7. “Wash cashmere by hand”, this is what the tag says. If you want to dry it perfectly, salad spinner is recommended. It works in seconds.
  8. If the stains are of red wine, white wine can remove it perfectly.
  9. If you want your tailor to adjust length of your jeans, wash them two times as they always shrink if you wash them.
  10. You can prevent mohair or angora from shedding if garment is folded, is put into a zip-top bag and frozen for more than 3 hours
  11. For some reason if you are unable to try jeans in the shop, neck method is recommended. Put the jean’s waistline around the neck. If the ends of jean’s waistline meet each other on the neck’s back then it means the size of jeans is perfect for your waist.
  12. If you want to confirm whether the quality of cashmere you are going to buy is high or low just stretch the garment gently from two ends. If it does not snap back then it means it is low quality cashmere.
  13. If you want to be organized while maintaining your closet then make sure your dresses are moving light to dark from left to right.
  14. Want well-fitted dresses? The formula should be minimum two percent Lycra for jeans and Five percent Lycra for Tshirts.
  15. If you want your diamonds to sparkle and shine wash them with liquid dishwasher with the help of toothbrush.
  16. If your handbag has got oil stain on it, use babypowder to remove it. Coat the stain spot and leave it to work overnight. There will be no more stain in the next morning. If it is not completely removed, process should be repeated.
  17. There is protective foam on hangers. If you rub a garment with it, deodorant marks of white color will be removed.
  18. If you rub a mixture of 1/3 vodka and 2/3 of water with a cloth the odor will be gone.

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